FANCY crafts commercial teppanyaki tables and provides the service of commercial kitchen design and maintenance, catering to the needs for central kitchen in hotels, restaurants, factories, and schools.

FANCY provides the complete lineup of central kitchen equipment, including (but not limited to) both oriental and western cooking equipment such as baking oven, refrigeration, sink countertop, bar, ice machine, food processor, bussing and utility cart, food warmer, shelving and storage, sanitation, disinfection and sterilization, exhaust hood, sewage treatment, etc.

Central Kitchen Design and Planning

FANCY offers solutions based on factors such as seating capacity, floor plan, and environment:

  • Detailed plan on delivery route, traffic flow and circulation
  • Separation of food processing and storage areas to avoid cross-contamination
  • Design incorporating the transit between cooking and preparation areas, and safety management concerning hygiene and sterilization.

FANCY's perfectionistic approach to central kitchen design ensures a comfortable and healthy dining experience for all. With 40 years of experience and professionalism, FANCY provides the most cost-effective quality solution to your every kitchen need. Please call for any inquiry!